Rajguru Academy Trust Gadag, is an institution born out of quest for knowledge and to spread the same to the world with the blessings of Pdt. Rajguru Guruswamy Kalikeri, a renowned writer and musician. This academy is dedicated for research and knowledge in the field of education, music and literature. Our society is rich in culture and knowledge, our vision is to enrich the knowledge by continuously striving to present it to the world in a better way.We believe in retaining our rich heritage and knowledge through research and giving it back to the society. The academy run by culturally and academically rich members who are a blend of modern and traditional fragrances of our society.The rich knowledge and culture of our society to be brought together and given back to the society and our future generation. The academy is dedicated itself for this cause and will continue in the direction.Looking at the scenario of education in our country; gave us a strong reason and inspiration to plunge into the noble profession of providing education to cater to the needs of the society.


Continuously strive for knowledge and give back to society the best with new thoughts, ambitions and equip with all positive things.


  • Apply a degree of creativity, intellectual, subject and professional skills with touch of our tradition and culture.
  • Evaluate and apply relevant research methodologies in the field of education and music.


Rajguru Academy thrives on a belief that knowledge and good educational opportunity is a fundamental right of every human being.